Litre: 5L

Logic Water is a water-repellant injection to treat capillary moisture.

Logic Water is intended to solve capillary water in internal walls. Logic Water pushes the current moisture out of the wall after which it evaporates. After treatment, the surface dries and is resistant to “new” moisture. Logic Water has a water-repellent but air-permeable effect. The walls are able to breathe after treatment.


First of all, a hole needs to be drilled every 25 cm to the height of the moisture spots. Logic Water must then be poured into 34 cl bottles. Half a bottle with the product will approximately be enough.. The filled bottles must be placed in the drilled holes with the opening facing down. The product will be absorbed by the pores with this drip system. After 24 hours the bottles may be removed and the drilled holes sealed with mortar. The wall is completely dry after a maximum of three months. After three months it is allowed to re-apply stucco/plaster, paint or place wallpaper. It is advisable to scrape off the old layer before repair work is carried out.

Safety instructions:

Logic Water is non-toxic and non-corrosive. In the occasion of skin contact, rinse with soap and water. Always use protection such as a (dust) mask, safety glasses and gloves. It is also advisable to wear hearing protection while drilling.




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