Protects surface, porous ceramics, concrete and natural stone such as terracotta, concrete blocks, concrete shells and -, etc.
Logic Ex forms highly effective protection for Your facade. Impregnation with lotus effect.


Logic Ex is a water-repellent but airpermeable impregnating product. The impregnating product has a long-lasting effect and is easy to use. In addition the impregnation is invisible for the eye after curing time. This product does not change the appearance of the surface. Logic Ex is suitable for various materials such as stones, ytong, concrete, ceramics, natural stones etc. The product is often used on facades. Logic Ex is bio-based and airpermeable. The product is resistant against water, moisture and dirt.

The surface must be cleaned first. We recommend the Logic Chemie cleaning agents for proper cleaning. For contamination/dirt, Logic Clean SF is recommended. After the surface has been cleaned Logic Ex can be applied by spray or brush. Apply Logic Ex twice to the surface without intermediate drying. After application a curing time of at least three hours must be observed.

Safety instructions:
Logic Ex is non-toxic and non-corrosive. The flammability of Logic Ex is comparable to that of lamp oil. If the product comes on your skin clean it with soap and water. Always use protection such as a (dust) mask, safety glasses and gloves. If Logic Ex comes on textile wash immediately with gasoline.



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