What is the coronavirus? How did the coronavirus spread? How dangerous is the coronavirus? How does this coronavirus appear? These and other questions are getting louder in today’s world.
The first cases of the corona were discovered in Wuhan (China) in December 2019. Now it is spread almost all over the world. Currently, the affected countries are trying to protect their population from this danger with the appropriate high measures. Especially in China and Italy a high number of deceases is noticeable.

What are the signs of Corona?
The common signs of corona are
– Cough,
– Limb pain,
– Fever,
– Breathing problems (difficulties),
– Sniffles,
– pneumonia and
– In cases of severity even kidney failure can be present.

Who belongs to the Corona risk group?
Especially the age group 65+ or chronically ill patients belong to the risk group.
Basically, the corona virus affects us all, especially the elderly or people with a low immune system or chronic diseases.
The spread of the coronavirus is frightening because it is fast. In fact, it is spreading faster than SARS and H1N1.

How dangerous is the coronavirus?
The coronavirus occurs in 100 different kinds.
Currently, thousands of people are affected by this virus. Therefore, it is not possible to say how many people are actually affected by the corona virus or even died. In addition, cases of complications also include pneumonia and kidney failure.

How do we protect ourselves against the coronavirus?
Therefore how do we protect ourselves against the further spread of the coronavirus? Here are the most important points:
– When we sneeze, we should use a handkerchief.
– More frequently, disinfectants should be used.
– The hands should be washed properly in regular intervals, i.e. several times a day.
– Living rooms and offices should be disinfected.
– Face masks and gloves should be used for everyday use.
– A sufficient and balanced diet should not be forgotten.
Do not forget! We can only fight the coronavirus if we all take the same precautions.

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