Hygiene includes the cleanliness that we need for our health.
Cleanliness that does not meet hygiene standards leads to the occurrence and spread of diseases. Therefore, diseases cannot be avoided if hygiene standards are not followed.
This is why hygienic cleanliness is the right way to protect ourselves from diseases. Especially at work, we are in constant contact with microbes, as we are constantly touching something with our hands. Therefore we owe it to our body, our family, our friends and our society to follow certain hygiene standards.

Among the necessary hygiene measures are:
To wash our hands properly with plenty of water.
This includes not only soaping our hands, but also disinfecting them regularly with the right products. (https://shop.logicchemie.com/nl/product/logic-sept/?wmc-currency=EUR).
Finally, dry your hands with paper towels.

When should hands be washed?
You should wash your hands

  • after each visit to the toilet,
  • before you brush your teeth,
  • after you come in from outside,
  • before and after the preparation of food
  • as well as before and after eating.
    You should also change your clothes daily and take care of your hair, feet and nails. Only with these minimum standards will we be able to take a step towards an even more hygienic world.

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