The WHO recommends two formulations based on both ethanol and propanol. Even though there may have been some concern at first that these formulations are effective against the new viruses such as MERS, SARS and COVID-19.

This means that the disinfectants that we can buy will in any case give us sufficient protection against the viruses. We only notice how the high alcohol level in the disinfectants irritates our skin too much. This is not surprising, as many of these disinfectants contain toxins that irritate our respiratory tract, crack the skin and cause allergies.

But without alcohol and the other substances we cannot protect ourselves sufficiently against viruses. About 70% ethanol needs a disinfectant to destroy bacteria at all. Alcohol itself is stimulating in small doses, but is poisonous in high doses. Isn’t it this ironic? Just when we want to protect ourselves from pathogens, we actually poison ourselves.

 That is why we should look for disinfectants that are effective, but also have a low alcohol content. After all, children in particular must be protected from pathogens, but not be made ill by the disinfectants used.

And these disinfectants do indeed exist which, despite having a low alcohol level, effectively combat the new viruses.

Even though we still have a lot of the classic disinfectants at home. We should change over and do it as soon as possible:


Because the corona virus will keep us busy for at least another year.

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