The new situation in the world has led to new rules being drawn up. Thanks to the corona crisis we have started to overturn the existing social rules. The corona has, so to speak, created its own culture and brought it into our lives.

So we have started to introduce more disinfectants into our lives. Then we started to wear masks and gloves.

But do we use the gloves properly? How should gloves be worn correctly? What is the correct use of disinfectants? How should we wear masks? Which disinfectants can be used in the long term? How do we wash our hands properly?

How do you actually wear the gloves correctly?

– Remember: Wearing gloves does not replace washing or disinfecting hands.

– You should wash and disinfect your hands before and after wearing gloves: ( )

– When you wear your gloves, do not wash or disinfect them with alcohol-based disinfectants.

Another question focuses on how to wash your hands properly:

– Moisten your hands sufficiently with water. You can choose the temperature as you like.

– Then thoroughly soap your hands, i.e. both the palms of your hands and the back of your hands, fingertips, the space between your fingers and your thumbs. Think about your fingernails.

– Gently rub the soap into all areas. Thorough hand washing takes about 20 to 30 seconds.

– Then rinse your hands under running water. In public toilets you should close the tap with a disposable towel or with your elbow.

– Then dry your hands properly. Do not forget the space between your fingers. In public places, disposable towels are suitable for this purpose. At home, everyone should use their own towel.

Besides using gloves and washing your hands properly, there is one thing you should not forget: Disinfecting your hands. (

Don’t forget! You will live a healthier life if you successfully keep any pathogens away from yourself.

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