What was growing slowly in Wuhan (China) has now become the nightmare of the entire world. Experts say that the best antidote to the coronavirus is cleanliness and hygiene.

Here are the most important ways and means to protect ourselves and our children from the coronavirus:

The greatest antidote to diseases, including the coronavirus, is hygiene. And in addition to this hygiene, certain preventive measures must be observed.

We have to pay attention not only to our own hygiene but also to the cleanliness of our environment. Because humans are first of all responsible for themselves and then for their environment.

Regular hand washing and disinfecting are necessary for one’s own hygiene. Therefore, besides a good soap, the right disinfectant must be chosen, which is of high quality and produced by reliable companies.

It should be noted that if our hands are not sufficiently clean, we should not touch sensitive areas such as our mouth, nose and eyes.

How can we maintain the hygiene of our children?

The hygiene measures that we carry out on ourselves, must also be applied to our children. Besides this basic instruction, background knowledge is important. If we only do these hygiene measures but do not give our children the appropriate explanations, it will be like a building without a foundation; and this would eventually lead to collapse. Therefore both knowledge and practice must be combined.

Relating to hand hygiene, they must be properly washed with soap for at least 20 seconds and then dried. But just washing hands, as I said, is not enough. Therefore, use high quality disinfectants from reliable companies.

Parents must teach their children the correct cleaning techniques. This includes which surfaces they should not touch, what they should do when coughing and sniffing, etc. It is also important to explain to them that if they have coughed or snuffed into a handkerchief, they should not keep it but throw it in the trash.

Hygiene standards such as washing your hands before and after eating or when you come home should be introduced. Care should be taken to ensure that they are followed.

Especially game consoles used by children and teenagers, also tablets, mobile phones and computers must be disinfected regularly. We must advise our children to disinfect their hands after using these devices.

In many parts of the world, schools have been closed and playing in playgrounds banned because of the coronavirus. Because of the necessary distance, children are therefore not allowed to go outside. If there is a reason why children do have to go outside, make sure that they have followed the necessary hygiene rules. As soon as they are back home, children should change their clothes, take a bath and especially wash their hands. Basically, you should wash your clothes between 60 and 90 degrees with an appropriate detergent.

Remember: this is the minimum we can do to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the corona virus.

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