The whole world is striving to do everything possible against the coronavirus in these times. (savaş söylemlerini çevirmiyorum)

Since Corona has come into our lives, topics such as using the right disinfectant or cleaning products have once again come to the fore. But can we easily use any disinfectant? What do we have to pay attention to if we want to use the right disinfectant?

Most disinfectants are based on ethanol. However, experts say that the frequent use of ethyl alcohol can lead to symptoms of poisoning. There are even videos that show how fruit and vegetables are disinfected with it. However, such an undertaking has more disadvantages than advantages. It is precisely in this way that symptoms of poisoning can be produced.

Children and chronically ill people should use disinfectants only to a limited extent anyway.

However, especially at a time when the coronavirus has arrived, we should make more use of disinfectants and even carry them with us. Nonetheless, it should be pointed out that disinfectants containing ethyl alcohol can have adverse effects, particularly on children and the chronically ill. In addition, a disinfectant should always be used according to the product description. Therefore, both the non-use and the too frequent use of disinfectants is always harmful.

Therefore, keep to the dosage specifications of disinfectants and avoid, as far as possible, disinfectants that have too aggressive substances and are therefore not suitable for daily use.

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