Disinfectants are now becoming essential. Which brands should you prefer? What are the components of disinfectants? How long do disinfectants work? These and other questions are frequently asked at this time.

Let us see how we should use disinfectants correctly:

Disinfection is a term that comes from French and became medically established in the 19th century. In the German pharmacopoeia, disinfection is described as a measure to help prevent dead or living material from further infection.

The only difference between disinfection and sterilization is the area of application. Sterilization refers to the destruction of pathogens or microorganisms that are present on dead material. Disinfection protects against direct infection and prevents epidemics, since pathogens also attach themselves to living people, i.e. to us, but are destroyed.

Its effect is physical or mechanical and can be caused by light, fire and caustic lime powder (unquenched powder). Only the known disinfectants are composed of chemical solutions.

Due to the worldwide infection by the coronavirus, all citizens are required to be more careful with cleanliness and hygiene. The World Health Organization in particular emphasizes this in its statements. Experts therefore recommend the additional use of disinfectants from reliable companies ( shop.logicchemie.com ).

Nevertheless, protection is not enough by using disinfectants. Hygienic purity is not achieved by leaving out water and cleaning agents.

For additional protection, you should disinfect your hands after washing your hands by rubbing the product between your fingers. In this way your hands will be protected for a long time.

Please note that even when using disinfectants, you should follow the product descriptions, as they do not replace normal cleaning agents. They help us to limit epidemics.

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