How much do we protect ourselves from the coronavirus that has turned our daily lives upside down? What do we do to protect ourselves from the coronavirus and what do we have to do? Can we defeat the coronavirus with hygiene and cleanliness alone? What preventive measures must we take against the corona? These and other questions are on our minds every day.

So let us take a look at the measures we need to take to free ourselves from the corona plague:

The first measure concerns our clothing. If possible we should change our clothes twice a day. If this has not happened before or has not been possible, then you should at least change your clothes every day. Especially our laundry or clothes made of cotton, e.g. whites, should be washed at high temperatures like 90°C if possible, so that the viruses do not survive on them.

Laundry that can be put in bleach should be put in bleach before washing to allow for initial disinfection.

Ironed laundry should be ironed with plenty of steam.

Using public transport hides further dangers. We should keep this in mind. If you have been among a crowd, you should always change your clothes and bleach them. If bleaching or washing at high temperatures is not possible, you should always iron your clothes with lots of steam after drying. After ironing, leave the laundry to dry for another 10 minutes to allow the moisture to escape.

Wash your hands properly:

Of course, washing our hands is part of our everyday life, but make sure that you always wash your hands well in these times. Especially if you come from outside and/or always have to travel by public transport, don’t forget to wash your hands properly.

You should use disinfectants.

It is not an exaggeration to say that we have to include the use of disinfectant in our everyday life. Disinfectants should be bought especially from reliable companies so that no side effects for our skin occur later.

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