Right now we are becoming even more aware of the importance of hygienic cleanliness. Every day we now use the words cleanliness, hygiene and corona in one sentence. This means that we approach our living environment with more care. After all, cleanliness starts with us first and extends to our environment.

So the care we take with ourselves must therefore be applied to our environment. This also means that we must take a closer look at the cleaning products we use.

First, you should pay attention to your detergent. Use good quality detergents, which in particular do very well in tests. Also pay attention to whether they contain agents that affect your airways.

Especially the use of detergents often leads to allergic reactions. Therefore, you should also pay attention to the ingredients of these cleaning agents.

However, the most important thing is the disinfectants we use. Many disinfectants are too aggressive and lead to allergic reactions. Therefore, get the disinfectants that are both gentle on your skin and protect you from pathogens. Therefore the same applies here: Look for quality.

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