In 1918, when the Spanish flu pandemic, the deadliest in human history, broke out, competition Increased among drug companies to promote products that claim to treat the symptoms of the disease, as well as a range of fake treatments, from oils and tablets. These ads featured prominently in the newspapers, along with news of injuries and deaths.

Despite a hundred years since this epidemic, natural remedies and popular medicines of doubtful efficacy still echo widely. But this time it is said to strengthen the immune system and protect against the corona virus.

As it is rumored on social media, nutritional advice has spread about the benefits of foods rich in antioxidants and vitamin C to prevent the coronavirus.

A newspaper reported that red pepper powder and green tea are better than masks in preventing the corona virus, although it is known that masks reduce the risk of infection by five times.

But the idea that there are pills, super foods or healthy habits that strengthen immunity is pure lies, and there is no scientific evidence to support it.

The immunologist at Yale University explains this by saying that the immune system consists of various defensive mechanisms, as the skin, respiratory system, and mucous membranes form the first line of defense against infection, but if the virus penetrates it, the body releases the innate immune response, which includes chemicals and cells that collaborate to fight viruses.

In the event that the innate immunity does not succeed in defeating the viruses, the acquired immune system through cells, proteins or antibodies will address them within a few days or weeks.

Vaccines, that is, exposing the body to live or dead germs, help the body identify pathogens to facilitate their fight.

But most of the symptoms we feel when a body attacks a virus, from body aches, mucous secretions and fever, are part of the innate immune response. Mucous secretions help flush out pathogens, and fever warms the body to the point that prevents the multiplication of viruses and germs.

Assuming that there are already immune system boosters, these boosters will stimulate the immune response and worsen symptoms of infections, such as mucus and chemical signals, which form the basis of a healthy immune response. This means that green tea and others, if they really strengthen immunity, will only increase the runny nose.

To date, there is no evidence to support the benefits of vitamin tablets for healthy people, but sometimes a lot of them are harmful. Vitamin C, for example, is known to be beneficial in fighting the common cold.

In 2013, the Krochan Research Foundation conducted a review of the studies, and concluded that taking large doses of vitamin C did not affect cold symptoms in adults, both in terms of duration and severity of symptoms.

However, vitamin D is the only vitamin whose research has supported its health benefits. Several studies have linked the low levels of vitamin D in the body to the high risk of developing respiratory disease or its increased symptoms in case of infection. A study indicated that vitamin D plays a role in fighting autoimmune diseases.

Beneficial bacteria are likely to contribute to disease prevention

A review of studies in 2015 indicated that foods, beverages or tablets containing beneficial microorganisms contribute to the relatively prevention of upper respiratory tract infections and reduce their symptoms.

But more evidence indicates that a balanced and varied diet is better for health than eating good bacteria. There is no evidence yet that beneficial bacteria protect against the corona virus.

So, what is a safe way to prevent corona virus?

But there are many ways that you can actually boost your immune system, which is to get enough sleep and exercise, follow a balanced diet, stay away from psychological stress, maintain our cleanliness, and use sterilizers and antiseptics. that it is from a company with a known brand and has been working in this field for a long time

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And if you can’t, the only sure way to prevent some pathogens is vaccines.

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