Is a mask sufficient to protect against the corona virus and other viruses?

As you know, the corona virus, which has now spread worldwide, is still the nightmare for many people.

For this reason, everyone started wearing masks and gloves in public transport, offices, homes and other different environments. Are these masks reliable? Can they protect us from corona and other viruses? How much do these masks actually protect?

Several citizens from big cities have started to wear masks (by necessity). Those who are afraid of catching the corona virus wonder whether wearing a mask alone is not enough?

First of all, experts do not recommend the use of masks and gloves to healthy people: The mask will only protect you if you are sick, and only if you are within a one-meter radius for more than 15 minutes. So for healthy people it does not provide any additional protection. Conversely, the mask becomes a source of infection if you do not use it correctly. For example, if you take the mask off and put it in your pocket and try to use it again, the mask itself becomes a source of infection when you touch the outside surface. Therefore, masks should be worn by infected persons. Healthy people are not recommended to wear masks and gloves.

However, the following should be stressed: If we have an illness, such as the flu or similar, we are obliged to wear masks to protect our surroundings from us.

Is soap alone not enough?

Unfortunately, there is currently no suitable vaccine against the corona virus worldwide. The most practical way of virus protection is therefore appropriate hand hygiene. At present, cleaning with soap and water is very important. However, it should be noted that the use of a disinfectant is at least as important as regular hand washing.

In other words, when cleaning with soap and water is combined with disinfectant, the chances of protecting oneself against viruses, especially coronavirus, increase because the hand is usually the carrier.

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