Hygiene and cleanliness became more important, especially during this period. Previously, we have been talking about hygienic cleanliness at home, in the office, of telephones and tablets. Now we have to turn our attention to another indispensable everyday object: our cars.

So how do cars really need to be cleaned? Are there special disinfectants for cars? After all, we spend a large part of our time in our cars. We should therefore know at what regular intervals it makes sense to clean and then disinfect the car.

In order to protect ourselves from aggressive pathogens and viruses, it is essential that we keep our living environment clean. Especially now that the corona virus has arrived, we must pay particular attention to hygienic cleanliness. Always remember that the greatest enemy of any disease is maintaining hygiene and cleanliness.

In this context, we can see that, after our homes and workplaces, the car comes in third place when it comes to disinfecting. Our cars are in the most contact with the outside world and give it the appropriate space. Therefore, pathogens penetrate much more easily, so that regular disinfecting is necessary ( www.shop.logicchemie.com ).

– Disinfect the areas in your car that you use most at regular intervals: Steering wheel, gearshift, screen, etc.

– Do not leave any unnecessary objects in the car.

– Do not use simple cleaning agents as they may damage the surfaces of the car. Also use cleaning agents that are suitable for these surfaces.

– Vacuum your car regularly.

With these small measures you can effectively protect yourself from viruses and pathogens.

Because don’t forget: A safe and healthy life is in your hands.

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