Since 31.12.2019 the first official corona case was reported in Wuhan (China) and since then the corona virus has been holding our breath. Extensive quarantine measures are being implemented worldwide.

What preventive measures do we therefore need to take against the coronavirus? How can we defeat such enormous disasters? The fact is, we can defeat it.

Since the characteristic of the coronavirus is to spread quickly, our security measures have also increased. How do these measures plan to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our children from infectious diseases?

The new form of the coronavirus has taken over the whole world. What do we have to do to distinguish it from other infectious diseases?

For centuries it has been observed that any epidemic can only be stopped by hygiene and cleanliness. Therefore, we have to pay special attention to our personal hygiene as well as to the hygiene in our environment.

When we think of hygiene, washing our hands immediately comes to mind. Proper hand washing involves washing our hands for 20 to 30 seconds with plenty of soap, even between our fingers. Afterwards the hands should be disinfected, again also between the fingers. We should do this not only once a day, but several times.

If possible, we should wash our clothes at 60-90°C.

Furthermore, we must teach our children this form of cleanliness and also make sure that they follow it. We must therefore bring these measures closer to our children step by step.

You must also use disinfectants that are produced by reliable companies. After all, as we all know, washing your hands alone is not enough to destroy all the pathogens on your hands. Therefore, a reliable disinfectant should be present in every house – even after Corona.

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