The world is still shaken by the corona virus. People in quarantine continue to try to maintain a normal life. It is still impossible to predict when the situation will be completely under control. This is driving some people to despair.

While we are protecting ourselves from the coronavirus, we also have to ask ourselves whether we are protecting the objects in our environment sufficiently. By this I also mean the objects that we are reluctant to give away, such as our mobile phones or tablets.

While the situation in China and other countries is still being investigated, an important piece of advice recently appeared concerning electronic equipment with which we come into contact on a daily basis.

Experts emphasize that we should disinfect our hands when we use our cell phones, tablets or computers. This is important because the corona virus is a tricky creature that can multiply quickly.

Therefore you should first unplug your mobile phone, switch it off and remove it from its casing. The major mobile phone manufacturers warn against using chemical cleaning agents, gels or rough or wet tissues to clean the phone. This will protect the screen.

Therefore, use a microfibre cloth, moisten it with a little detergent and clean your phone with it.

Make sure that no moisture gets into the phone. Even if your phone is waterproof, this feature may wear off over time.

Just a little detergent and a microfibre cloth will help to destroy a large amount of bacteria and other pathogens. If you happen to have an RLU tester, you can measure the elimination of bacteria and other viruses on your devices.

The higher the RLU count, the higher the presence of pathogens. We have carried out this test and have been able to measure that cleaning with simple means has led to a significant reduction of bacteria.

Do you use an iPhone? Apple assures its customers that its devices can be cleaned with 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes. You can find such cleaning wipes in almost all supermarkets or online.

There are also methods to disinfect your devices with UVC radiation. UVC radiation is very aggressive and has short wavelengths. Even if this method does not damage your devices, it can cause the colour of your mobile phone and its cover to fade over time.

To avoid such and other disadvantages, we recommend our disinfectant Logic Sept. Logic Sept is a disinfectant based on 25% 1-propanol. It provides 99.99% protection against pathogens and viruses. In addition, it protects against the side effects of other common disinfection methods.

Remember that you can transmit viruses and other pathogens to your electronic devices. Therefore, make sure that your hands are sufficiently clean and disinfected with the right products.

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