We have been living with the corona virus for quite some time. But are we really aware that cleanliness is the most important thing we can do to protect ourselves from the corona?

Let us look together at how we can ensure a healthier and carefree life in connection with cleanliness:

– Many of us use dish sponges. They are helpful, that’ s true. It is recommendable to replace them frequently. Since we want to protect the environment, we should therefore consider what better alternatives there are to dish sponges. Because a large number of pathogens accumulate in these sponges. It is therefore better to switch to dishcloths, which you can even put in the washing machine or even boil. In that way we are protecting the environment, but also our health.

– Furthermore, we must take care of our dishwashers and washing machines at least once a week and keep them clean. Over time, deposits accumulate in these machines, which further contaminate the washing. For each of these machines there are appropriate cleaning agents that you should use.

– You should clean your toilet and sink every day.  When washing your hands or after going to the toilet, bacteria accumulate here as well on a daily basis, and we must take care that they do not remain in these places.

– Just as important as washing your hands every day is the regular hygienic cleaning of our mobile phones, tablets, game consoles and computers. Throughout the day, you should also clean them several times or wipe them with an appropriate cloth.

– Disinfect door, window and cabinet handles daily.

– Always carry a small bottle of disinfectant with you. On these days we cannot be careful enough: shop.logicchemie.com.

– Besides the phones, we should also pay attention to the daily cleaning of our bags and wallets. This also includes our banking cards.

– Banknotes as well as coins can easily carry pathogens. If possible, prefer your banking cards when shopping.

Even if these steps seem too complicated or exaggerated, you should follow these recommendations in order to lead a carefree life.

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