Hygiene means every action and precaution we take so that we can lead a healthier life. Hygiene and cleanliness are always equated.
Hygies is Greek and means being healthy. In Greek mythology it is the father of medicine. Every action we take to protect our health has to do with hygiene.
Hygiene is often equated with:
cleaning: The removal of any unsightly, even chemical, alteration to a surface.
Disinfection: Every measure with hot or cold water, with chemical cleaning agents if necessary, which is intended to keep the environment germ-free is called disinfection.
Sterility: The measure that leads to the removal of living microorganisms from the object in question.
Disinfectants: Disinfectants are the agents used to destroy in particular pathogenic microorganisms.
Hand hygiene
As we all notice, we use our hands in particular. When we want to do something, be it in the office, at home or in our daily lives, we use our hands as a matter of course. However, what exactly should we observe in our daily hand hygiene?
Which things should we pay special attention to when washing our hands?
First, you should take off your hand jewellery, like rings. Then you moisten your hands. Soap your wrists, palms, the back of your hands and between your fingers as well as the spaces between your fingers and your fingernails. Rub the soap on all these areas for at least 20 seconds.
Then rinse your hands thoroughly.
Also dry your wrists with disposable towels or with your own towel.
You should also turn off the tap with the same paper towel.
Food Hygiene
Prefer to eat more at home than outside. If you need to eat on the go, prefer good quality food.
An important criterion here is that the food is produced and processed in a hygienic environment and that the hygiene chain is not interrupted in between. Interruptions in the production chain lead to the possibility of pathogens settling in, which in turn leads to their spread. This then leads to a deterioration in food quality, economic losses and food poisoning.
In order to lead a good and healthy life, we must therefore give preference to a balanced diet.
Therefore, wherever you go shopping or eating out, you should make sure that the food you eat is sustainably produced. In this way you avoid any risks to your health.
In order to keep food safe and to protect yourself from possible illnesses, you should therefore pay attention to hygienic cleanliness when shopping, storing, preparing, cooking and serving.

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