We are at a point where we have to pay even more attention to cleanliness. And it is not only at home but also in our working environment that most pathogens are found. How can we now enforce hygienic cleanliness here? What must all employees observe in their working environment to maintain this hygiene? We would like to take a look at that:

Studies show that hygiene in the work environment is unfortunately not as carefully watched. You can imagine it that way: Already in the morning germs are sticking to the office door.

This pathogen finds its way onto your colleagues and employees much more easily. One gets it on his hand, another gets it at lunchtime and we can already observe how it spreads easily and quickly in the working environment and perhaps even sneaks into your home.

But with few and simple precautions you can prevent the spread of minor epidemics in your working life. In this way you will not only protect your health, but also that of your colleagues. Therefore, it is better to pay attention to the measures described here in order to maintain a pleasant hygienic cleanliness:

– Do not forget: Even at work, you should make sure to wash your hands with sufficient water after certain situations. In particular, do this every day at certain periodic intervals such as before and after lunch.

Washing your hands prevents viruses and other pathogens from spreading more easily in the working environment. If possible, wash your hands with lukewarm water.

– If possible, change your clothes every day.

– Take a small bottle of disinfectant with you and keep it in your desk or bag. Prefer reliable brands ( www.shop.logicchemie.com ).

Do not underestimate the effects of disinfectant. Especially during this time they offer effective protection against all kinds of pathogens. After all, water and soap only protect us to a certain degree, whereas disinfectants protect us all around.

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