We are currently going through a difficult time. On the one hand we are dealing with the corona virus, on the other hand we are fighting the effects that this virus has brought us. But how do we continue this fight against the corona virus?

As you can imagine, in addition to personal hygiene, we also need to keep our clothes clean. After all, clothing is like a second skin for us.

Therefore it is part of cleanliness and hygiene to clean not only our body but also the objects around us and our clothes.

Dirty or used clothes make you sweat faster and start to smell bad. Moreover, sweat is also a factor that makes clothes dirty quickly. Therefore, we must be careful with our clothes. Therefore, wear a garment for a maximum of 2 days. In summer, you should change your clothes every day.

What is the hygienic cleaning of our clothes like? How can we disinfect clothes? At what temperature should clothes be washed? Let us take a look at these questions:

It’s not enough that washed clothes are clean clothes. Make sure that you disinfect your clothes sufficiently. But how do you do that?

– Before you disinfect your clothes, you should wear gloves.

– You should also disinfect your washing machine.

– After you have taken your laundry out of the laundry basket, disinfect the basket as well.

– Do not let your laundry wait so long. Wash regularly.

– Remember that dirty laundry can feed potential pathogens. Therefore, these pathogens can easily settle down. Therefore, when you have finished the washing process, you should also disinfect the washing machine.

– If possible, you should wash your laundry at 60-90°C.

Don’t forget to air your wardrobe from time to time. Follow these simple rules, especially during this time. This will help you to stay healthy.

Stay healthy!

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