Cleanliness and maintaining hygiene are part of our obligations. In doing so, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene applies not only to us, but also to our environment. Soap and water are not always enough. That is why disinfectants are needed here.

Disinfectants are necessary to maintain our own and general hygiene, especially for the objects we use every day. Therefore the quality of the disinfectant is very important. This means that the disinfectant contains active substances which must not endanger our own health.

Factors that influence disinfectants. These include, among others:

1- Factors influenced by the surfaces

– The surface structure

– The structure on the surface

– The presence of organic materials

2- Factors influenced by the disinfectant

– The concentration of the disinfectant

– The strength of the disinfectant

– The quality of the disinfectant

– The disinfectant’s duration of effect

3- Factors influenced by the environment

– The temperature of the environment

– The room humidity

In this context, the quality of the disinfectant is particularly important. Pay attention to the active substances used in the disinfectant, to the company and its quality.

If a non-quality disinfectant is used for a long period of time, your own health, the quality of life will also decrease. Therefore, as with any product, the quality of disinfectants must be taken into serious consideration.

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