We know it will take time to defeat the coronavirus.

But how can we protect ourselves, our loved ones, and those around us during this time?

Is cleanliness enough to protect against the Corona? Is hygienic cleanliness the only enemy of the Corona? Can we defeat the corona virus with disinfectants? Experts are listening to these and similar questions.

Hygiene and cleanliness are the only effective means against all infectious diseases, including the coronavirus. But cleanliness only helps if it is actually done correctly and hygienically and, of course, regularly.

But what can we do to protect each other?

– Use masks and gloves:

When you go outside, protect your airways and your hands with masks and gloves. If you behave as if you have tested positive, you will also meet the people around you in the right way. Because you should not forget that we humans are equally responsible for each other.

– Wash your hands properly

Please note: If we come from outside, all bacteria have also walked in with us. If we do a lot of work with our hands, we should wash them frequently and at home again with plenty of soap for at least 30 seconds. This way we have left most bacteria in the sink for the time being.

At the same time, you should also wash your children’s hands, and before you do so, make sure that neither you nor your children have touched anything before washing your hands and that you have kept the necessary safety distance.

– The social (social) safety distance

Since you cannot know at this time which viruses your counterpart has, you should always keep a safe distance. After all, you could be facing someone who has the corona virus. Therefore, please take care of it. There should be a distance of at least 1.5-2 meters between you and your counterpart. Maintain this distance in all your daily activities: at work, at the pharmacy, in the hospital, at home. This rule is usually disregarded at home. But you should not do this. Because who wants to infect their family?

– Use disinfectants

Unfortunately, the simple use of detergents and soap is not enough for hygiene and cleanliness in everyday life. The disinfectants you use should come from renowned companies. Even if the strongest soap removes a maximum of 70% of the pathogens on your hands, 99.9% are finally destroyed by disinfectants. ( https://shop.logicchemie.com/en/product/logic-sept/ )

– Sneeze in your elbow

Normally we hold our hand in front of our mouth when sneezing. However, this creates a faster spread of the pathogens. Therefore, you should sneeze into the elbow.

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