The spread of the new Corona virus has resulted in increased preventive measures, recommended by public health institutions worldwide, to reduce the risk of get infected by the disease.

Hands are one of the most important means of Spread of the “Corona” virus, and therefore the interest in washing hands with soap and water periodically comes at the forefront of recommendations, which are confirmed by the World Health Organization, to get rid of bacteria.

“The” mentioned 7 mistakes, he said that many people make them when washing hands with soap and water, indicating that these mistakes may be a reason not to get rid of bacteria and make the people vulnerable to disease

– Antibacterial soap

Some believe that antibacterial soap is a better alternative than regular soap to clean hands, but the US Food and Drug Administration, “FDA,” denied this, and explained that this type of soap contains a substance that makes the body resist antibiotics.

– You don’t wash long enough

Some research indicates that a large percentage of those who wash their hands with soap and water, do not achieve the results required to eliminate bacteria because of speed, and therefore, care must be taken to wash hands with soap and water, for a period of not less than 20 seconds at a time.

– You skip nooks and crannies

Research says that bacteria and germs are found between the fingers of the hand and under the nails, and this requires great attention to hand washing.

– You don’t dry thoroughly

The most diligent handwashing techniques are worthless if you skimp on drying. Germs love to breed in moisture, says Dr. Raj. Leaving the restroom with still-damp hands can make it easier to pick up germy microbes from the next surface you touch. If you have the choice of paper towels or air blowers, choose the paper towels.

– You assume you have to use hot water

Soap and hot water is one tip from Mom you can safely ignore. Dr. Raj says that despite the widespread belief that you need hot water to kill hand germs, lukewarm or even cold water will do the job just as well. (In fact, they’re actually better for your skin because they’re less drying). She notes that while heat has been proven to kill bacteria, you’d need to use boiling water at a temp of about 212 degrees Fa You don’t rinse your bar soap before each use

One study said that pathogenic organisms may hide out on bar soap during and after use, according to the CDC. Research suggests that this bacteria is unlikely to transfer to your hands from the soap during use, but there are extra steps you can take to fully ensure that these germs don’t latch onto your hands. Pathogens like bacteria and viruses can live for several hours on wet soap,

– You skip the soap and use hand sanitizer instead

If your hand sanitizer is alcohol-based, it can remove and inactivate many types of microbes effectively, according to the CDC. But it has its limits, warns the organization, like not being able to eliminate all types of germs or harmful chemicals. Plus, many people use hand sanitizer incorrectly from not using a large enough volume of liquid sanitizer to wiping it off before it’s had time to dry. Soap and water are your best bet for fighting off germs like norovirus and Clostridium difficile, a bacteria that can cause diarrhea or life-threatening inflammation of the colon.

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