Logic Chemie

In 1967 our professor wanted to produce a product that prevents the absorption and clogging of the pores in building materials caused by (rain)water. Taking the environment into account, a new technology emerged and our story began. 

We have opened up to the world with our products and years of experience that can solve all water problems in a short ammount of time.

Currently, as a company based in the Netherlands; We serve our biobased products guaranteed for at least 20 years in 22 countries, mostly in Europe and Middle Eastern countries.

We are progressing by developing our new technology day by day. We can penetrate the pores to the desired depth. This way, we repair, strengthen, protect, clean and disinfect surfaces.

Our Mission

Logic Chemie works with biobased technologies. Our products and services does not harm the environment people or animals. The products have a long lifespan.

Cultural heritage, monuments, museums, bridges, roads, houses and office buildings should be protected in a result-oriented manner.

We believe that we must maintain high safety standards, not just for our team, but for all people we work with.

The team of Logic Chemie applies these standards around the world and contributes to their development. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to enlarge our company. At the same time, we want to contribute to reduce the environmental footprint and increase social impact.

Our products are biobased and as environmentally friendly as possible. We invest in technology to continuously improve our products.

Protecting people, the environment and animals is our main goal.

We believe that in this way we will be successful and sustainable.